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FIRST Regional Animal Hospital Client Survey Tell us what you think!

Our mission is to provide the Best Veterinary Care and Excellent Client Service. You can help us reach and maintain this level of service by sharing your veterinary needs and expectations. By completing this, you will be a part of our team meetings where your comments will be discussed and acted upon. Thank you for your time and effort. We appreciate your feedback.

Why did you choose FIRST Regional Animal Hospital? (you may pick more than one)

Which hospital department served you?

The team member I spoke to on the phone was:
Prompt in answering the phone  
Friendly and attentive  
I did not phone  

The reception area was:
Neat and Clean  
Countertops were free from clutter  

The Client Service Representative(s):
Greeted me promptly  
Seemed warm and cheerful  
Gave me undivided attention  
Seemed hospitable  
Answered all my questions  

On a scale of 1–5 with 1 being poor, how would you rate our CSR’s?

The Technician(s):
Greeted me warmly  
Was gentle with my pet  
Seemed proficient and knowledgeable  
Gave me the information I needed  

On a scale of 1–5 with 1 being poor, how would you rate our Technicians?

The Veterinarian(s):
Was Professional in manner and appearance  
Was polite and friendly  
Listened to what I said  
Took an appropriate amount of time with me  
Described, diagnosed and treated well  
Gave clear advice about how to treat my pet  
Answered all my questions  

On a scale of 1–5 with 1 being poor, how would you rate our Veterinarians?

General Questions:
Was your wait time reasonable?  
Did you feel the fees were fair?  
Would you recommend us to others?  

On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being poor, how would you rate our Overall Service?

Generally speaking, does FIRST Regional Animal Hospital (check one):

What suggestions do you have for improving our service?

Is there anyone at our hospital who provided you with exceptionally good
OR really poor service?

If you would like to leave your name (optional):

And email (optional):

Would you like to be contacted to discuss your comments?  


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