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Client Information Everything you need to know

New Client forms:
For your convenience, prior to your first visit to FIRST Regional Animal Hospital, you can print out one of our new client forms and fill it out in advance; be sure to remember to bring it with you. To make an appointment, please call 480–732–0018, or visit our appointment page.
General Practice New Client Form ~ PDF 221K
Internal Medicine Service New Client Form ~ PDF 210K
Surgical Service New Client Form ~ PDF 213K

Other Client Forms
Referral Form for Veterinarians ~ PDF 85K
Canine Behavior Form ~ PDF 30K
Feline Behavior Form ~ PDF 77K

Puppy and Kitten plans:
For our General Practice Clients we offer Puppy and Kitten plans that will allow you to take advantage of a generous 25% discount. These plans are customized for each pet based on their age and any preventative care they may already have received by the time we see them for the first time. Please see the attached forms for plan details and conditions. When you come in with your pet, please ask your technician or one of our client service representatives to provide you with your individualized plan.
Puppy Plan ~ PDF 135K
Kitten Plan ~ PDF 136K

Pre–surgical instructions:
Here is a copy our pre–surgical instructions that apply to most elective surgeries. We may have already gone over these with you during your pre–surgical appointment. These are general instructions that will apply to most pets. If you were given different instructions during your visit, please follow those, or contact us with any questions.
Pre–operative instructions ~ PDF 157K

Payment options
We are proud to be part of a team whose mission is to deliver the finest and most comprehensive veterinary care available today. We know that providing the best in care for your pet is important to you, but sometimes the cost of care can make it difficult to be able to afford what your pet needs and deserves. To help you fit your pet’s medical care in to your budget we accept the following payment options:

1. Cash, money orders and personal checks.

2. Visa/MasterCard, Discover, American Express

3. CareCredit® – the financing plan we offer as a dedicated line of credit to cover your pet’s veterinary care needs.

CareCredit offers:
• Flexible financing payment plans
• No annual fees or prepayment penalties
• Quick application process in the office or online from home at
With CareCredit we can begin your pet’s treatment immediately for any unplanned, emergency, or ongoing veterinary care. For more information visit

4.Wells Fargo Health Advantage® – another option similar to Care Credit Please visit the Wells Fargo website to find out more.

Pet Insurance
You may want to consider purchasing Health Insurance to help cover your pet’s medical needs. There are plans available that cover preventative care as well as illnesses and emergency situations. Please visit the Pet Insurance page for more information.

Pet Care Library
Please follow this link to access AAHA’s Pet Care Library. Here you can find answers to many common pet care questions.


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