Dr. Keith Joyner ~ General Practice

Colorado State University: D.V.M.
University of Utah: B.S
Dr. Keith Joyner

Degrees: Colorado State University: D.V.M.; University of Utah: B.S.

Special interests: Orthopedic and soft–tissue surgery, radiology, and computer technology. Graphic art, photography and outdoor sports.

“I like to relate to my animal patients as ‘furry little people’ and often refer to them as ‘little kids.’ We need to take care of them just as we take care of our own children, and I’ll do my best to help keep them healthy and happy.”

Dr. Joyner has four ‘kids’ – Andre (Yellow Lab), Kimiko and Saeki (Japanese Chins), and Piwate (A One–eyed Problematic Cat)

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