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Veterinary Specialists Advanced Pet Care

Our Team of veterinary specialists utilize the latest technologies to provide advanced care for pets with compassion and integrity. Specialist consults are available by appointment. Phone consultations are also available for referring veterinarians.

Internal Medicine
Veterinarians in general practice commonly treat acute and chronic diseases. But when a condition is particularly complex, or more than one disease is present, or when advanced technology is needed for treatment or diagnosis, that’s when an Internal Medicine specialist is called for. FIRST Regional Animal Hospital offers complete Internal Medicine services with Dr. Shery Babyak, a board–certified Internal Medicine Specialist.

At your initial appointment, our Internal Medicine Specialist will review your pet’s medical record, including previous treatment, laboratory results, x–rays and other pertinent information. Dr. Babyak will also obtain a detailed history from you regarding your pet’s clinical signs before examining your pet. Read more...

FIRST Regional Animal Hospital features an experienced and dedicated surgical team to take exceptional care of your pet’s orthopedic and soft tissue surgery needs. Dr. Patricia Kupanoff is a board–certified surgical specialist and performs a wide variety of surgical procedures from fracture repair to open chest surgery. Read more...

Critical Care
Unfortunately, there are many medical conditions for which emergency treatment is not enough. If your pet is critically injured or ill, hospitalization in the intensive care unit (ICU) will be recommended. The ICU is staffed by compassionate and knowledgeable Emergency and Critical Care doctors and technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dr. Alisa Reniker is board–certified in Critical Care and is the Director of our Emergency and Critical Care Departments. Read more...

Diagnosis of many dog and cat medical and surgical problems may be augmented by using advanced imaging technology. FIRST Regional Animal Hospital utilizes Dr. David Hager as our offsite board–certified radiologist to ensure that our Digital Radiographs are reviewed accurately and promptly. He is an important part of our diagnostic team as we use every means at our disposal to diagnose and treat your pet.

Online Prescription Refills
Please use our Online Prescription Refill Form to request a prescription refill for your pet(s). We will notify you when you can pick up your pet’s needed medication(s) at FIRST Regional Animal Hospital. Read more...

Specialist Team
Meet our wonderful Specialist Veterinary Staff.

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